Kombinuotos staklės Master 500

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Kombinuotos staklės Master 500

Select Prekės kodas: DMTFF07
Pagal užsakymą, Pristatymas 5 - 14 d.d. Svoris 275 kg
Dimensions with stand 1150 mm (Length) x 500 mm (width) x 1580 mm (height)
Dimensions without stand 1100 mm (Length) x 500 mm (width) x 900 mm (height)
Net weight 275 Kg
Distance between the points 500 mm
Height of the points 155 mm
Maximum diameter of the workpiece on the bench 300 mm
Bar diameter through 26 mm
Diameter of the spindle (supplied) 130 mm
Spindle speed From 160 to 1600 rpm
Metric thread From 0,5 mm to 3 mm
Threads in inches From 11 to 40 threads per inch
max carriage cross travel 170 mm
max turret slide travel 75 mm
Cone tailstock CM3
Spindle bore CM4
Cone tree cutter CM3
Diameter of the TBM 80 mm
Speed milling From 125 to 1600 RPM
Angle milling head 360°
Plan milling 200 mm x 150 mm
Power 750 W
Type Single Phase (220 V)

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