Kiaurymių restauravimo įrenginys BASIC


Kiaurymių restauravimo įrenginys BASIC

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Diametrai nuo Ø 22 mm iki Ø 120 mm (0,87" - 4,72")
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The Supercombinata BASIC is the entry-level solution of the Supercombinata series, with professional performance and at an affordable price. With its standard equipment, the machine is able to perform inline boring operations in the range from Ø 22 mm up to 120 mm, ideal for repairs in the field of earthmoving and for simple applications.  With the BASIC 250 kits the machine can carry out inline boring and overlay welding up to Ø 250 mm and, with the other additional kits, external turning, facing of orthogonal planes and creation of seeger ring seats up to Ø 250 mm


Boring bar diameter: ø 20 x 1800 mm / ø 40 x 1500 mm

Line boring: ø 22 – 120 mm

External turning: Extra kit

Internal welding: Extra kit

Facing: Extra kit


AC motor: Single phase

Power at rated speed: 1800 W

Output torque at the bar: 290 Nm with 120 rpm

1° speed: max 115 rpm (145 Nm)

2° speed: max 400 rpm (45 Nm)


Gear motor: DC

Power at rated speed: 90 W

Max speed: 11 rpm

Feed system: Electromechanical

Feed: Manual/Automatic


Unlimited: With 350 mm pitch


Voltage: 230 V (50Hz)

Main switch: Available

Emergency switch: Available

Inverter feed: RH/LH

Inverter rotation: CW/CCW

Speed regulator: Rotation/Feed

Electrical absorption: 2000 W

Control panel 110/120 V: Upon request


Length: 680 mm

Width: 240 mm

Height: 380 mm

Weight central unit: 36 Kg


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